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About XcelR

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain – that is a secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and the way investors buy and sell Cryptocurrency.

Existing exchanges offer access to just one source of trading, our platform offers over 12+ exchanges you can trade on from one place. This streamline the users experience and enables them to have efficient and effective trading campaigns. The platform includes an array of features including easy cryptocurrency payment integration, digital arbitration systems, 10+ trading indicators & much more.

At the end, Our aim is to help businesses, Companies and everyday people purchase cryptocurrency more fluidly and efficiently with little to no friction this will help make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.


Key Features of XcelR

Secure and Decentralized

XcelR is a PoW SCRYPT based algorithim like litecoin. Their is a finite supply of XcelR (XCL)

Closing The Gap

Making it eaiser for Small Buisnesses and Retail Consumers to invest in Cryptocurrency Assets.

Secure Exchange Infrastructure

The XcelR Cryptocurrency is built with the users security in mind. Non-KYC up to 3BTC/24hrs

How XcelR Works

Over the past three years, we have been forming a system to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency is purchased around the world. Our vision is to streamline the process of purchasing Cryptocurrency with FIAT as well as creating a friendly and effortless user experience. Throughout our evolution, we have created platforms and services with security and the user in mind.

Problem and Challenge

"The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."
- Bill Gates

Automation Development

Over last few years accessibility to cryptocurrency has gained momentum, with services such as Local Bitcoins, Coinbase, and Cash App. Where you can use Fiat Currency to purchase Cryptocurrency. These services have done very well since their launch and are expected to do even better in the coming year. All though these services have a few dilemmas.

  • 1.) Many Banks Forbid the purchase of Cryptocurrency
  • 2.) Purchase Limits
  • 3.) Long Verification Process
  • 4.) High Fees

High Transaction Fees

Transaction fees have plagued the cryptocurrency realm for a while now with some institutions charging upwards of 30%. These astronomical fees make owning cryptocurrency a pain. These High Fees add up. If you were to purchase $100 worth of cryptocurrency with a 30% Fee you end up with $70 of that cryptocurrency.

Direct Payments

One of the major problems that face the cryptocurrency movement is the limited supply of companies that offer Cryptocurrency for FIAT (Real World Currency). Less than a handful of these companies offer a simple and easy way to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat. Even then the process can be a lengthy one with hiccups along the way.

Security & Network Infrastructure

Security comes first. With all the histeria of cryptocurrency exchange hacks it’s hard for investors to feel safe and secure online. Thats why we implemented all the latest security protocals and patchs to ensure not only a productive platform but a secure one aswell.

XcelR Core Wallets

XcelR Whitepaper

Click Below To View The Original XcelR Whitepaper


Read the Whitepaper

See what make XcelR tic. Read the Full XcelR Whitepaper below. You can also check out our 2-Pager for a short summary of the WhitePaper.

App Screen

Mobile Wallet

Download the XcelR Wallet App from Gooogle Play or the Apple App Store.

XcelR Decentralized Exchange

Introducing XcelR DEX Platform

The XcelR Exchange is a cutting edge exchange platform with the user in mind. Our Exchange allows users to trade 1000+ Cryptocurrencies with ease. Sign Up Today & Recieve a $50 Credit. Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Non KYC up to 3-BTC Per Year.
  • Trade 1000+ Cryptocurrencies with multiple pairs.
  • Diverse trading experience.
  • Mobile Friendly and Supports all modern browsers.
  • Fast & Secure Exchange Platform
  • Mobile Friendly and Supports all modern browsers.
The Roadmap To Success

Our Milestones?

Follow the XcelR Roadmap below for our upcoming and completed milestones.

March 2018 Concept Development

XcelR concept development and project start. Original genisis key mined.

Q3 & Q4 2018 Website,Whitepaper & Wallets
  • Website Launched
  • Original Whitepaper Release
  • Core Wallet Development
  • XcelR Nodes Launched
  • XcelR Exchange Beta Launch
Q1 2021 XcelR Relaunch

XcelR Relaunched With Updated Code & New Genisis Block Mined

Q2 2021 Coming Soon

XcelR Web Wallet & XcelR Exchange Launch

Core Team

Prudhvi Prukee
Senior Regional Director of Public Relations (ASIA)


Below we’ve provided Frequently Asked Questions for, XcelR, Coin Sale, Downloads, and a few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below or check on our support forum.

What is XcelR?

XcelR is a PoW Coin that will revolutionize the way cryptocurrency is purchased around the world.

You can find our the XcelR Block Explorer here

You can begin mining XcelR on any of the pools listed on the top of our website. You can view the Full List of Mining Pools on our BitcoinTalk Thread.

The Value of XCL span’s further then just a payment system, if you have an account on out exchange platform you can choose to have XCL comp the fees of other exchanges and withdrawals. It will also comp the fees on the planned XcelR Kiosks.

What Exchanges is XcelR Listed on?

(Coming Soon)

You can purchase XcelR via the XcelR Exchange.

Yes XCL will be Listed on More Exchanges in the coming months!

XcelR (XCL) is currently a Default Pair on the XcelR Exchange Platform.

Where can i download the XcelR Core Wallets?

You can download the XcelR Core Wallets above for Linux,Windows & MacOS. You can also compile the source, You can find the XcelR source code on our Github/Gitlab repository.

The XcelR Core Wallet allows you to store XCL aswell as Send and Recieve XCL Payments.

What is the XcelR Exchange Platform?

The XcelR Exchange Platform is a highly sophisticated & secure cryptocurrency exchange.

Upon it's launch you can gain access to the exchange platform by navigating to

You can find out more about the XcelR Exchange in our WhitePaper and on our Official BitcoinTalk Thread.