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02 / 09


Download the XcelR Core Wallet For The Operating Systems Below!


Download the XcelR Core Wallet For Linux Here


Download the XcelR Core Wallet For Windows Here
64Bit 32Bit


Download the XcelR Core Wallet For MacOS Here
03 / 09

The XcelR Team

The XcelR Team combines a Passion for Cryptocurrency, Industry Expertise & Proven Track Record in Finance, Development, Marketing & Licensing.

The XcelR Team


  • Scott Kaleita

    Founder & Lead Developer

  • Larisa Smith

    Senior National Director of Digital Marketing and Data Analysis

  • Prudhvi Jalli

    Senior Regional Director of Public Relations (ASIA)

04 / 09


The XcelR Road Map - Follow the Progress of the XcelR Project

Follow the Progress of
the XcelR Project


100% March 2018 Platform Development
100% June 2018 Completion of XcelR Coin
100% August 2018 Exchange Listings
75% September 2018 Partnerships

Take a in-depth look
of the XcelR Platform

06 / 09

XcelR News

XcelR in the headlines

08 / 09

About XcelR

XcelR is Powering Data for the new equity blockchain.

What is XcelR?

XcelR is a platform for the future of Cryptocurrency powering the new equity blockchain.

Existing exchanges offer access to just one source of trading, our platform offers over 12+ exchanges you can trade on from one place. This streamline the users experience and enables them to have efficient and effective trading campaigns. The platform will includes an array of features including easy cryptocurrency payment integration, digital arbitration systems, 10+ trading indicators & much more.

At the end of the day, Our aim is to help Businesses, Companies and Everyday People purchase Cryptocurrency more Fluidly and Efficiently with little to no friction this will help make business and everyday life truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.