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Our aim is to help Small Businesses, Companies and Everyday People purchase Cryptocurrency more Fluidly and Efficiently.

XcelR is a platform for the future of Cryptocurrency powering the new equity blockchain.


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The XcelR Team

Global decentralized network that's changing how Cryptocurrency is exchanged around the world.

XcelR combines a Passion for Cryptocurrency, Industry Expertise & Proven Track Record in Finance, Development, Marketing & Licensing.

Scott Kaleita

Founder & Lead Developer

Scott Kaleita

Founder & Lead Developer

Larisa Smith

Senior National Director of Digital Marketing and Data Analysis

Prudhvi Jalli

Senior Regional Director of Public Relations (ASIA)


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The XcelR Platform

The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Defining how Cryptocurrency traders exchange their digital assets.

XcelR Platform Features

Advanced Trading UI

XcelR Platform Features

Over 2600+ Cryptocurrencies

XcelR Platform Features

Recent News AIO

XcelR Platform Features

Monitor Up To 6 Cryptocurrencies Consecutively

XcelR Platform Features

Advanced Crypto/FIAT Heatmap

XcelR Platform Features

50+ Trade Indicators

why XcelR?

Cutting Edge Kiosk Technology

Our team works shoulder-to- shoulder, ensuring a project is never created in isolation.

Every project has its own unique goals and vision. Whatever your project demands, our extended network of strategists, creatives and technology specialists is always eager to pitch in. We know it helps to know good people.

Scott Kaleita

To be able to trade on many different exchanges in a single place would be really convenient. this way we could trade our coins in the best exchange without having the hassle to switch from one exchange and another.


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This platform is reinventing the global equity blockchain - that is secure, smart and easy - to - use platforms, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and way investors buy and sell cryptocurrency. XcelR is a platform for the future of Cryptocurrency powering new equity blockchain.


BitcoinTalk Forum

XceLR will interfere with the way of business by increasing capital and the way investors buy and sell Cryptocurrency. XceLR offers access not only to one trading source, but offers more than 12+ exchanges that you can trade from one place. This streamlines user experience and allows them to have an efficient and effective trading campaign.


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September 16, 2018

We Are Now Partnered With Safe Ledger!

XcelR is now Partnered with Safe Ledger!, Secure your XCL securely with Safe Ledger Today! Get 10% off...

September 16, 2018

Welcome To The Official XcelR Blog

Welcome to the XcelR Blog, Here you will find the most recent News & Updates on the XcelR Coin.

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